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The cleaner and quieter beach couple - the Varca beach is located 5 km south of Benaulim while Cavelossim beach is around 12 km from Benaulim in Goa. Varca-Cavelossim beaches are the most photogenic beaches of Goa. These beaches are easily accessible via buses and taxis. Or else, you can hire motorbike to travel to these beaches.

Varca-Cavelossim beaches are eye soothing with their soft white sand carpets facing the clear sea and doted with black lava rocks at certain places. The charm of the beaches is that they give you a chance to spend some quality time in peace and privacy. There is hardly any disturbance at the place. The best feature of the beaches is that you can sail away into the sea to watch the dolphins and if you are lucky, you can even touch these dolphins from close quarters.

The scenic beach couple - the Cavelossim beach and Varca beach offers some of the most luxurious beach resorts in Goa. You can book rooms or villas at the various nearby beach resorts and beautiful inns facing the sea. However these accommodation options are slightly expensive. For the foodies, there are numerous beach shacks offering a variety of Goan dishes and seafood at reasonable prices.

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Varca-Cavelossim Beach : Goa Directory

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