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Tips For A Happy And Safe Goan Vacation

Goa is one of the most happening tourist paradise in the world. Besides the wealth of scenic beauty, the warm and friendly nature of the Goan people adds to its charm. But to ensure that your trip to the tiny state remains joyful you need to be aware of certain important points before hand.

Here you shall find the useful info compiled to give you a glimpse into different facets of Goa. Traveling tips for Goa addresses a number of issues including safety issues, local transport, cuisine, tourist guides, money exchange, facts and figures and lot others.

  1. It is always better to take a reliable guide with you, wherever you go.
  2. Cotton clothes are the best option during the warm and sunny days. Woolen clothes are rarely needed in Goa.
  3. Instead of carrying large amounts of cash, opt for traveler's cheques as they are readily exchangeable in most locations.
  4. While traveling, never accept food or drinks from strangers as they may make you fall unconscious and be robbed.
  5. Keep all your important documents and valuables in the deposit box of your hotel.
  6. Before taking to the seas for a swim or bath, do consult the lifeguards posted in the beach.
  7. Move around in groups rather than traveling alone.
  8. Never leave baggage and items unattended.
  9. Always have a small emergency card with your name, age, blood group and other relevant medical details and a contact phone number to use in case of an emergency.
  10. When entering a religious site, especially a Hindu temple, remove any footwear.
  11. Cameras and video filming are prohibited in some tourist spots, so always check before you enter with such equipment.
  12. If you need to visit a hospital, always insist on sterilized or disposable syringes.
  13. The use, possession and trade of any drug (hard or soft) is illegal in Goa.
  14. Nudity at the beach or public places is prohibited. It is punishable under national and state laws.

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Travelers tips : Goa Directory

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