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Info On The Local Travel Options In Goa

Most of the major tourist spots in Goa are well covered with a variety of modes of transportation. You can choose from an extensive list to suit your style and budget. Here is a brief info about the various Local Transport options easily available in the beach paradise - Goa.

  • Ferries : The flat-bottomed ferries are used very frequently in Goa. The blue-painted ferries are an essential medium of transport used extensively by commuters on scooters, fishermen, tourists. They're incredibly reasonable, and run from early mornings until late in the evening. The most frequented river crossings in Goa are Panjim to Betim, across the Mandovi; Old Goa to Divar Island; Siolim to Chopdem, across the Terakol River; and Cavelossim in the far south of Salcete Taluka, to Assolna.
  • Auto-Rickshaws : It is very convenient for commuting within the town and traveling short distances like railway station to bus stand.
  • Motorcycle Taxi : These are known locally as "pilots", are ideal for nipping between beaches or into town from the resorts. The motorcycles used as taxis are black colored with yellow mudguards and white number plates. Their fares are similar to the auto-rickshaws.
  • Rented Motorcycle : Renting motorcycle in Goa gives a lot of freedom. Rates vary according to the season, the vehicle, and how long one wants to rent it.
  • Trains : There are frequent local trains shuttling between the North and South Districts in Goa.
  • Buses : The city buses in Goa ply in Panaji and adjacent areas and are a great help for tourists and general public as a cheap and quick mode of transport.
  • Rented Cars : These are available in an array of types and budgets. You can opt for the rent-a-car facility in two varieties - chauffeured and non- chauffeured.

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Transport : Goa Directory

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