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The beautiful state of Goa is blessed with many captivating tourist attractions. The popular places of interest within the state are sun kissed beaches, churches, forts, temples, lavish hotel resorts and colonial monuments. Find here the 10 hottest tourist attractions around Goa. Each one of these has its own charm and is located quiet close to the tiny beach paradise.

  1. Sawantwadi : (Distance - 77km) It is also spelled as Sawantcadi / Savantvadi. The place is blessed with lush green forests and hillocks from tri-directions and the presence of Arabian Sea from one side. You can see a wide variety of wildlife including leopards, bison, tiger, wild boar etc. The medicinal herbs and trees in the surrounding forests are refreshingly preserved. The popular local arts of Sawantwadi include kalasutri, wood products, especially wooden toys, bamboo and pottery and traditional paintings and chitrakathi. Ganifa Cards are being created here since over 300 years.
  2. Nersa : (Distance - 87km) It is a small village situated on the boundary of Goa and Karnataka. It is a part of the proposed Bhimgarh Sanctuary. The village attracts adventurer folks who enjoy trekking or bird watching.
  3. Vengurla : (Distance - 84km) One of the busiest ports of the ancient times Vengurla excelled in trade and business. The relics of those golden days still stand tall in form of huge warehouses, godowns, markets and trading centers. In recent years the place has become popular for its natural beauty, amazing stretch of Mochemad Beach and rich culture and heritage.
  4. Karwar : (Distance - 87km) The town of Karwar is located in the border of the state of Karnataka, and the culture in this town is a heady mix of both Kannada and Marathi cultures. The major attractions of the place are - Oyster Rock Lighthouse, Kurumgad Island, Devbagh Beach, Hyder Ghat Pass, Kurumgad Island, Guddahalli Peak, Anshi National Park, Chendia Falls, Kali Bridge, Shirve Ghat, Habbu Mountain and so on.
  5. Amboli : (Distance - 114km) Amboli is a less known beautiful hill station near Sawantwadi, a favorite among honeymooners. It was developed as a hill station by a British political agent Colonel Westrop. The Bauxite mines which are 10 km away are a different but pleasant pleasure trip.
  6. Gokarna : (Distance - 132km) This place is also known as Rudra Yoni and Adi Gokarna. Gokarna is placed at the ear-shaped confluence of two rivers Gangavali and Aghanashini, a natural picturesque scene anybody can never forget. Around the town lie a number of beaches like Gokarna beach, Kudle beach, Om beach, Half moon beach and Paradise beach.
  7. Dajipur Wildlife Sanctuary : (Distance - 163km) The wildlife park is placed near the backwaters of the Radhanagri dam. The place has some dense forest which houses wild animals like bison, wild deer and chital. The place is a heaven for nature lovers.
  8. Selaulim (Salaulim) Dam : (Distance - 12 km from Curchorem and 2 km from Sanguem) It is Goa's biggest Dam which is across the river Zuari. It provides water to almost the entire South Goa district. The dam is a popular tourist attraction. It also has a botanical garden at its side. The Dam is overall a treat to watch.

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Tourist spots around Goa : Goa Directory

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