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Theatre in Goa is a true reflection of the colorful and lively culture of the state. It covers a broad spectrum, from Portuguese influence to Techno cult to Rave and the now the famous Goa Trance. Goanese theatre is perhaps the most westernized form of performing art in India. Goans love music, thus music forms an integral part of their theatre.

The most popular dramatic art form unique to Goa is the "Konkani tiatr". A typical tiatr lasts for about two to three hours and usually has songs and 7 acts of roughly 15 minutes duration each and has elaborate sets and professional lighting effects. The songs that are sung in between are based on controversies, current and local issues.

The tiatr theater form was introduced in Goa by Lucasinho Ribeiro from the Assagao Village in Bardez. He was employed in the Italian Opera Company at Mumbai and left the job to create the 'Italian Burgo' the first ever Konkani tiatr. After this many drama groups were formed in Goa and Mumbai and many writers wrote plays especially for tiatr.

Hindus have a drama form known as "Konkani Natak" that is more in line with Marathi theatre because Konkani tiatr is usually associated with Christians of Goa.

Prince Jacob, Alfred Rose, Tony King, Kid Boxer, Souza Boy, M.Boyer, Emiliano D`cruz, Rosario Rodrigues and J.B. Rod are some of the most famous theatre personalities of Goa.

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