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17th Century Fort Built By Bhosale King

On the northern tip of Goa lies the historic 17th century Terekhol Fort. It is situated on the mouth of the Terekhol River. This fortress was constructed by the ruler of Sawantwadi, Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle.

The Terekhol fort was given legal recognition as a part of Goa around 1788. The fort was rebuilt in 1764 by the Portuguese viceroy in India named Dom Pedro Miguel de Almeida. During the year 1825 it was used as a military base for an attack on the Portuguese by Dr. Bernado Peres Da Silva. However he did not succeed in his mission and the Portuguese took over the fort.

Today some part of the once huge Terekhol Fort has been ruined and part of it has been converted into a heritage hotel. The fort also houses a church inside its premises which is known as the St. Anthony church. The peaceful surroundings and scenic views offered by the fort attracts many tourists till date.

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Terekhol Fort : Goa Directory

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