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Most tourists have a misconception that Goa is only 'The Land of Churches' and Christian dominated. But in reality the Goan population is made up of 65.8 percent of Hindus. There are several famous and splendid temples in Goa as well.

Goan temples today are more modern as compared to most of India's ancient temples. This is because most of these are second homes to most deities that were re-established outside of Portuguese controlled areas or are renovated from ruins. The various temples of Goa are ideal places to rejuvenate your mind and body and to refresh your soul.

Find here a list of some famous and important Temples of Goa.

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  • Shri Mahalaxmi Temple :
    Located in Panaji, this temple is dedicated to the Goddess of wealth - Laxmi. This is the first temple to be approved for construction by the Portuguese in their 300+ years of control over Goa.
  • Shri Shantadurga Temple :
    The temple is located 33 km from Panaji, in the foothills of Kavlem in Ponda of North Goa. The main deity at the temple is Durga who is an incarnation of Shree Jagdamba devi, who made peace (Shanti in Hindi) between Shree Vishnu and Shree Shiva and stopped the fierce war going on between the two.
  • Shri Mahalsa Temple :
    The temple is dedicated to Goddess Mahalsa, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The major attraction of temple is the six-storeyed 'deepstambha' or ornamental lamp pillar, which is 40 ft in height and has 21 rings of 150 small lamps.
  • Shri Saptakoteshwar Temple :
    The 13th or 14th century temple is dedicated to Lord Saptakeshwar, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The temple is located at Narve, Bicholim taluka of North Goa. It is a must see.
  • Shri Mallikarjun Temple :
    You need to travel to Shristhal village in Canacona taluka, south Goa to visit this holy temple. This 16th century elegant Hindu temple, devoted to Lord Mallikarjun (an incarnation of Lord Shiva) is an excellent example of architectural design by the ancestors of the Kshatriyas. It is believed to be built on the place where Lord Shiva united with Goddess Parvati after a long period of separation.
  • Shri Vitthal Mandir :
    This 600 year old temple is devoted to another incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is at 41 km from Panajim. Shri Vitthal is suppose to be the main deity of the "Rane" who played an important role in Goa's freedom from the Portuguese.
  • Shri Kalikadevi Temple :
    The divine shrine of Shri Kalika Devi is located at 14 km from Mapusa in a small town Kansarpal.
  • Gopal Ganapati Temple :
    This temple id devoted to Lord Ganesha. The idol of the Lord was discovered by the herdsmen while grazing their cattle near the hill. The present idol of Lord Ganesha however is made of metallic alloy.
  • Shri Devaki Krishna Ravalnath Temple :
    This is probably the only temple in India where Lord Krishna is worshipped with Devaki as Devaki-Krishna. This majestic temple comprises of an idol of Devaki with child Krishna. While visiting Ponda, you can see this divine temple in Goa.
  • Shri Datta Mandir :
    This temple is over 100 years old and is a major Hindu religious place near Margao or Dattawadi, Sanquelim. This Hindu shrine is devoted to Trimurthy- Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (Shiva). The temple is strongly believed to have the power to treat patients with mental disorders.
  • Shri Damodar Temple :
    Situated at Zambaulim, 22 km from Margao, Shri Damodar temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, is a frequently visited place because of the river Kaushavati. This calm river is believed to have medicinal powers and is considered holy by both Hindus and Christians.
  • Shri Chandranath Temple :
    Shri Chandranath or Chandreshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva (also called Bhuthnath or Chandreshwar). The unique feature of the large Shiv-linga in the temple here is that it oozes water on full moon nights.
  • Shri Bhagawati Temple :
    This temple at Parshem is popular because of its two five-storey lamp towers.
  • Brahma Temple :
    This Brahma temple, located in Carambolim village, is said to belong to the 5th century AD. It is one of the few temples in India that are devoted to lord Brahma.
  • Rudreshwar Temple :
    You need to travel to Harvalem, at Bicholim Taluka (45 km from Panaji) to visit this huge temple. The holy linga of lord Shiva or Rudreshwar is situated half a kilometer outside the temple premises. The main attraction of the temple is the near by majestic Harvalem water falls.
  • Shree Mangueshi Temple :
    This temple is dedicated to Lord Mangueshi an incarnation of Lord Shiva. The temple attracts large number of tourists because of the water tank in front of the temple and a majestic lamp tower in its premises.
  • Shree Nagueshi Temple :
    This temple is situated at Bandode, 4km east of Ponda. It is built sometimes in 1413 and is dedicated to Lord Naguesh, an incarnation of Lord Shiva.
  • Shree Ramnath Temple :
    This temple is situated at Bandode near Ponda and is dedicated to Lord Ramnath, an incarnation of Lord Shiva.
  • Shree Laxmi Narasimha Temple :
    This is a 18th century temple. The temple is dedicated to the Goddess of Wealth - Laxmi and Narasimha. Narasimha is the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
  • Shree Mahadev Temple :
    The ancient 12th century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located in the Tambdi Surla. This temple is probably the only one example of pre-Portuguese temple architecture. The temple is very famous for its annual festival of 'Gade'.

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