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Shivaling Installed By Lord Ram

Ramnath Temple is situated in the Bandode village of Ponda city of North Goa. It is just 22 km from the capital of Goa - Panaji.

The existence of this lovely Ramnath temple is deeply engraved in the Indian mythology. It is believed that after assassinating the demon king Ravana of Lanka, Lord Rama installed a shivling (idol of Shiva) here as a compensation for his act. From then onwards the shrine is known as Rameshwar or Ramnath.

Prior to the Portugal rule in Goa, the Ramnath temple was located at a settlement called Loutolim. The main deity here is Lord Shiva yet the temple also houses other deities such as Shri LaxmiNarayan, Shri Kamakshi, Shri Santeri and Shri Sidhanath. Similar to the Mahalsa temple, the major attraction of Ramnath temple is a five-storied deepstambha or lamp pillar carved with images of Hindu on its base.

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Sri Ramnath Temple : Goa Directory

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