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Oldest Hindu Temple Of The State

The Naguesh temple is located 4 km east of Ponda, off the NH 4A connecting Ponda to Panaji. It is one of the oldest Hindu shrines in the state.

The lovely temple dates back to 1413 and is dedicated to Lord Naguesh, an incarnation of Lord Shiva. This temple was built at the time when Goa was ruled by Veer Pratap Devraya of the powerful Vijayanagar Empire.

The Naguesh temple that you see today came into existence after an extensive renovation process undertaken in 1880. The temple Sabhamandap has a gallery on both sides that contains intricate wood carvings. The various events from Ramayan are showed through these carvings on one side and the wooden images of Astadikpal and Gandharva on the other.

The beauty of the Naguesh Temple is doubled with the presence of a magnificent taki or water reservoir near it. The reservoir is built in such a way that standing at a certain location at it, one can view the reflection of the idol of Lord Naguesh and the lighted lamps in the inner sanctum.

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Sri Naguesh Temple : Goa Directory

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