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Flirt With The Gushing Waves

Goa is a mixed bag of various thrilling and adventurous activities. Speed Boating is one such activity that most of the tourists love to enjoy in Goa. The pleasure of flirting with the water is simply incomparable.

You can find several Speed Boats in Goa. These have a speed limit of 10 to 15 miles per hour and few with a speed of 30 to 40 miles per hour. These speed boats can carry six to eight people at a time and hence are great to enjoy with family and friends. One can go for long rides or just a spin around the beaches on these speed boats.

All major beaches like Calangute Beach Goa, Candolim Beach Goa, Arrossim Beach Goa, Utorda Beach Goa, Colva or Mobor beach have the Speed Boat Rides facilities. The activity not only gives you some spine chilling experiences but also a chance to admire the beauty of near by spots like Old Goa, Fort Aguda Goa, Sinquerim Goa, St. Jacinto Island and Grant Island etc.

If you are an aquatic creature who loves to be in water all the time than don't give second thoughts, just go for Speed Boat Rides in Goa. The speed, wind dashing on your face, surrounding breath taking views shall all make it a life time experience.

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Speedboat Rides : Goa Directory

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