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Famous Temple Belonging To Pre-Christian Era

Shri Chandreshwar Temple is located on the top of the hill Chandranath in the Quepem Taluka of Goa. The temple is one of the most popular and important Hindu shrine of Goa.

Shri Chandreshwar Temple dates to the pre-Christian era, when the place was ruled by the Bhoja Kings. The 17th century temple was built in the capital of the Bhoj kings Chandrapur, which is known as Chandor today. From the base the temple lying on the 359 m high hill is approached by a steep flight of stairs.

The Shri Chandreshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Chandranath or Lord of the Moon; an incarnation of Lord Shiva. A rock cut Shiva lingam is placed here. The temple is built in such a manner that the Shiva Linga is lit up by moonlight on the full moon night, and is said to be mystically bathed in water.

The temple is a must see. Chandreshwar temple offers the visitor a wonderful view of the green valley below. The festivals like Maha Shiva Ratri are celebrated with great pomp and attract huge numbers of devotees to the place.

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Shri Chandreshwar Temple : Goa Directory

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