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Any vacation seems to be incomplete without shopping. The same holds true for the beach paradise - Goa. Every year thousands of tourists visit the tiny state and while departing wish to take something back home as a memory of their trip.

Shopping in Goa is a fabulous experience. The excellent and unique local handicrafts are the most popular take away. You can purchase some amazing brass-ware, terracotta, shell work, crochet, carved furniture, bamboo work, etc from here. These are readily available in the Government Emporia and also at shops and stalls near the popular tourist spots. Another item which every traveler would love to take home is a packet of salted, plain or masala cashew nuts and other spices that are grown in the state.

There are several weekly markets held in Goa which are eagerly awaited by the visitors. Two of the most famous such market are - Friday Market at Mapusa and the Wednesday Market at Anjuna Beach. These markets are the ideal places to buy some traditional Goan items and also souvenirs, beachwear, trinkets and clothes. The items sold in these are exclusive, of great quality and yet very cheap. If you are a good bargainer then you can reap great profits. If money is not a problem for you then you can shop till you drop from the in-house Shops of deluxe hotels or the various hi-fi shopping malls.

The most popular shopping items that attract tourists in Goa are : colorful sarongs and cotton beachwear, colorful floral printed shirts, skirts and frocks. Embroidered bags, handicrafts made of beads, cheap and beautiful artifacts of paper Mache, silver and junk jewelry, various types of cuisines, spices and woodwork etc.

Here is a list of some of the most popular markets or bazaars of Goa -

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  1. Flea Market :
    The market started way back in the 1970s, is also known as the 'Hippie Market'. It is held on the Wednesdays near the most popular beach of Goa, the Anjuna beach, and hence is named as the Anjuna Flea Market.
  2. Friday Bazaar :
    The Friday bazaar is the main attraction of Mapusa. Mapusa is an important town and the center of North Goa district.
  3. Government Emporia :
    These are set up at various cities of the state. The Emporiums are best places to buy the localo Goan handicrafts like bamboo craft, woodcarving, brass metals, seashell craft, Papier-Mache, and wooden lacquer ware etc.
  4. Ingo's Night Market :
    It is one of its kind market held in the Arpora area of the tiny state. The unique market was started in 1999 by a German tourist named Ingo.
  5. Margoa's Municipal Market :
    It is the prime shopping destination in Margao. The market is located very close to the Municipal Gardens.
  6. MG Road :
    The road named after the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi, is the heart of the state capital Panaji. The road is dotted with several shops and malls where you can buy almost anything you wish to.
  7. Vasco's Municipal Market :
    The market is the major shopping avenue for the locals and tourist visiting Vasco city. The market is a must see.

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