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Oldest Church Of Asia, UNESCO Heritage Site

Se cathedral is one of the largest churches in Asia located in the tiny Indian state - Goa. It is one of the oldest and most celebrated religious buildings in Goa. It is suppose to be the most sacred buildings for the Christians and has been declared a heritage site by UNESCO.

The Se Cathedral is a giant cathedral in Old Goa, dedicated to Catherine of Alexandria. It was built to celebrate the victory of the Portuguese over a Muslim army in the year 1510. Since the day of the victory happened to be on the feast of Saint Catherine, the cathedral was dedicated to her. The original church erected was that of mud, stones and straw. As years passed the church was elevated to a cathedral and the structure became more giant.

The architecture style of Se Cathedral is Portuguese-Manueline. The exterior is Tuscan, whereas the interior is Corinthian. The church is 250 feet in length and 181 feet in breath. The frontispiece stands 115 feet high. The tower houses a large bell known as the "Golden Bell" on account of its rich tone. It is said to be the largest in Goa, and one of the best in the world. On the right there is a Chapel of the Cross of Miracles, where a vision of Christ is said to have appeared in 1919. Se Cathedral also houses a baptismal font made in 1532 which was used by Saint Francis Xavier, the patron saint of Goa, in order to baptize several Goan converts.

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Se Cathedral : Goa Directory

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