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Water Sport To Explore The Colorful Underwater World

Scuba diving is a thrilling water sport which gives you a chance to explore the underwater world. It is one of the hottest water sport activity in Goa. This exciting, thrilling and adventurous activity is loved by locals and tourists alike.

Scuba diving in Goa or anywhere else gives you a chance to peep into the unexplored world of the sea. But before trying out the Scuba diving you need to complete certain formalities. Some of the basic requirements that are to be fulfilled prior to Scuba Diving in Goa are :

  • You need to have a certain degree of physical fitness.
  • You have to be able to swim for about 200m continuously and have to tread water for 10 minutes to be eligible for getting an open water certificate.
  • You need to follow all the rules of diving.
  • You should be minimum 10 years old.

Once you meet these basic requirements you can indulge in Scuba Diving whole heartedly in Goa.

While you are Scuba Diving in the tiny state of India you can see the amazing variety of marine life, and hard corals flourishing on the sea floors. Though the visibility in Goa is around 4 to 12 meters, you can see little fishes like barracuda, damsels, snappers, sweet lips, tuna, lion fish etc swimming around you. The other marine life includes sea cumbers, blennies, turtles, lobsters, etc.

Some very popular sites for Scuba Diving in Goa are the Suzy's wreck, sail rock, turbo tunnel, shelter cave, etc. Each site is different and has a unique specialty. Lets see some below :

  • Suzy's wreck - Ranging from 3 meters to 12 meters. Ideal for beginners. It is a Second World War ship wreck situated in the shallow waters.
  • Davy Jones locker - is the other famous wreckage found in 14 meters deep sea water. The stern sections with propellers are the only things remaining of this ship.
  • Sail rock - Best sites to see bigger fish like sting rays, sharks, groupers, etc.
  • Uma Guma reef - Great place to witness exposed rocks of the grand island. The hard corals are its major attractions. Reef sharks and other fishes like the porcupine fish, etc. are spotted in large numbers at this site.

The diving season in Goa lasts from November to April. Many travel agencies provide equipments and training to the tourists interested in scuba diving in Goa. To witness the natural beauty of Goa through the point of view of a fish, tourists have to go for Scuba Diving session at the various diving sites in Goa.

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Scuba Diving : Goa Directory

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