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Goa is synonymous with adventure. The locals and tourists holidaying in the state love to take up various adventure activities and sports. The thrill, excitement and fun you experience while being a part of a rally is simply indescribable.

Goa plays host to numerous rallies. Cars, autos, bikes and even bullock carts in rural Goa, participate in these rallies. The rallies held are no less than a carnival or celebration. People gather in huge numbers to cheer the participants and enjoy the atmosphere. Numerous foreigners also participate in these rallies and try their best to compete and win.

Out of the many rallies that take place in Goa the Go-Karting and Car rallies are of most importance. The very popular and awaited event is the JK Tyre National Karting Championship which is held at the Nuvem track between October and December. It is an enjoyable ride and the average speed is over 70km/h. Similarly the two car rallies held in the state are the MIA Indian National Rally Championship, also known as the WIAA Rally de Goa, and the Mahindra Great Escape. The MIA Indian National Rally Championship is held in October after monsoon. The Mahindra Great Escape is held in the first week of August.

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Rallies : Goa Directory

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