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Most Attractive And Cleanliest Beach

Rajbagh Beach is undoubtedly one of the best and tidiest beaches in Goa. It is situated across a stream, some 12 km south end of the Palolem beach. This indeed one of the most attractive beach beauty of the tiny state.

The Rajbagh beach acquires its name from the famous hotel located close by. The hotel authorities are to be credited for keeping the beach clean and tidy. The clear blue sea, green palms dancing to the tunes of the breeze and the white sands make the beach an absolute stunner.

One can also enjoy a hand paddled ferry trip at Rajbag in the Talpona River south from the beach to get across. The sand here is clean, perfect for a evening beach side walk and also the water is safe for swimming.

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Rajbagh Beach : Goa Directory

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