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Pine Shack on the border of Calangute and Candolim has a special place in the nightlife of Goa. This is the perfect beach shack which will fulfill your desires of unlimited fun and frolic in a different way.

Unlike other shacks which play eardrum rupturing techno music and have smoke filled floors, Pine Shack is more calm and peaceful. Here you are given the pleasure to lye under the twinkling stars while listening to some magical live guitar strumming side by or just listen to the rhythm of the waves. If you wish they will systematize a fire or a beachside barbeque for you and your group. Even if you want to sip some cocktail you need not take the pains to get up, it is served where you are lying on the sand.

The experience at the Pine Shack is a memorable one with some affordable drinks, food served on the mini cots laid on the beach. It is common to find many people nodding off to deep sleep only to wake up in the morning at the doorsteps of Pine Shack.

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Pine Shack : Goa Directory

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