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Thrilling Adventure Sport

Parasailing is a thrilling adventure sport that can be enjoyed at the beach paradise - Goa. This activity is best for people who have always dreamt of flying like the birds up high in the sky. Para sailing is also known by the name of Para Ascending.

The exciting activity of Parasailing requires a speed boat and a parasail. A sturdy rope of about 300 feet is attached to the parasail harness at one end and the other end is securely attached to the boat. As the boat gains speed, the person attached to the parasail is heaved up in the air. As you go higher and higher into the air you can see some lovely and unforgettable views of the beaches and the nearby hills.

The perfect time to try Parasailing is after the monsoons since the are quite clear skies and the seas are safe. Many popular beaches of Goa like Condolim Beach, Majorda Beach, Anjuna Beach and Baga Beach provide this sport to tourists at nominal rates. This is a must, must activity to be done at the tiny state.

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Parasailing : Goa Directory

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