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Eye Soothing, Crescent Shaped Beach

Located in the southernmost town Canacona, 40km from Margao is the most beautiful beach of Goa - the Palolem Beach. It is a shallow bay with swaying coconut palms in the background and a lush green hillside at one side. At the northern end is a tiny island.

Palolem is an ideal getaway for the local fishermen and tourists who wish to avoid the crowds of Margao or Colva. This crescent shaped beach is a delight for the eyes and offers some great panoramic views. The sea here is calm and safe for swimming.

There are some well-known beach huts accommodation at Palolem, Palolem beach resort and tens of others which will make hassle free work of yours in choosing from low class to luxurious class. You can relish continental, Punjabi, and sea food served at the various shacks and restaurants dotting the place. There is an open market on street at Palolem beach so you can shop for beach wares and other antique pieces here.

Around Palolem - Some good tourist attractions that are very close to the Palolem are listed below.

  1. Pandava's Drum : At the southern end of the beach you see a large cup shaped rock which is called as the Pandava's Drum. This area is linked with the Indian legend Mahabharata and hence the name. If you throw stones on the top of the rock and hit a specific area then it gives a resonant sound.
  2. The Island : At the extreme northern end of the beach is the island. You can enjoy the shallow waters and the rocks near the island. If you are lucky you can even see some mussels, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and many sea creatures around. The island offers the most addictive sunset view.
  3. Figueredo House : Just ahead of the Pandava's Drum you come to some small coves. Ahead is a house, built in the early 20th century as a beach house by the Figuiredo family. Now it is a part of the Neptune Point Hotel.
  4. Dolphin Spotting Trips : There are lots of dolphins in the area. You can hire a boat and go into the sea to see them more closely performing great water acrobats.

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Palolem & Around : Goa Directory

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