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Closest To The Capital Of The State

The nearest beach from the capital of the Goa - Panaji is the Miramar Beach. It is also called as the Gasper Dias Beach. It is located just 3 km from Panaji and a km away from Dona Paula. It is very close to the point where the Mandovi River meets the Arabian Sea.

Miramar Beach or Gaspar Dias is a lovely 2 km long beach with silvery sand dotted with swaying palms. Since the scenic beach faces the vast blue Arabian Sea it is called as "Miramar", which is a Portuguese word for "viewing of the sea". The beach is peaceful, often less crowded and hence ideal for evening beach side walks.

The reason why tourists flock the Miramar Beach is that it offers a very panoramic view of the well-preserved Portuguese fort across the river, known as Aguada Fort. The beach is also a great place to catch a glimpse of the migratory birds. Each winter the migratory birds, like Plovers and Gulls return to Miramar beach to escape from the harsh winter back home. Here they live in peace and find plenty of food in form of aquatic invertebrates, seeds and insects.

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Miramar Beach : Goa Directory

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