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New Activity For Aviation Lovers

Goa has always offered its tourists ample of thrill and fun and the Microlite flying is the latest addition to its list. It is a new fad among the aviation lovers in India. It is a variation of hang-gliding and gives you a chance to fly like a bird.

Microlite-Flying /Motor Cars is done with a motorized machine with a forty feet wing span. It can accommodate two to three persons including one operator at a time. You need not do anything but simply sit and enjoy the adventurous ride. Their normal speed is about 120 km per hour and can fly for 5 hours at a stretch.

The only drawback of the Microlite-Flying is that it can't be undertaken at night and unfriendly weather conditions. It is only restricted to the adults and one requires to obtain a fitness certification from the doctor before trying it out.

At present the facility of Microlite-Flying is available only at the Calangute in Goa. You can enjoy a 15 mins to half an hour session as per your wish. Do experience the nerve chilling activity at least once on your Goa trip.

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Microlite Flying : Goa Directory

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