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The land of breads - the Majorda Beach is only a few kilometers away from the town of Margao, and just 5 kms from the Colva beach. It is the place where you shall come across the best Goa bakeries in town.

There is much more to Majorda other than its virgin white beaches. If history is to be believed, the Goan toddy, which is used to ferment breads was discovered by Jesuits over here. Toddy is basically the sap obtained from coconut palm. Thus even today the place is dotted with some excellent bakeries of Goa.

As per the Indian mythology, Majorda was also the very beach where Lord Rama was kidnapped and brought to as a child. The legend further goes that when the Lord was searching for His wife Sita, who was kidnapped by the evil Ravana, He came to Cabo-de-Rama, located at the southern end of the Majorda Beach.

Just like most other beaches of Goa, you can surf, swim, shop and eat at the Majorda beach. The silvery sand and the swaying palms make this beach an ideal place for travelers who wish to take some rest and recharge their batteries.

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Majorda Beach : Goa Directory

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