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The Kesarval spring is one of the main tourist attractions of the tiny state - Goa. The natural marvel is located some 22 km away from Panaji on Verna plateau off the Panaji-Margao highway. The rolling terraced hills and the gushing waters makes it a perfect picnic spot of Goa.

The place is called as "Kesar-val" as it is a derivation of the Indian word for eagles that used to live here among the afforested slopes. The famous springs emerging from the hard rocks are placed in between the tropical woodlands. A stony zigzag track leads one to the wonderful Kesarval springs.

The monsoons make the Kesarval springs more beautiful and increases its glory. However it is not that impressive during summers. The waters of the spring is believed to have healing powers. Hence the locals or tourists coming to the place take a dip in the magical waters with a strong belief that the waters shall drive away all their ailments.

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Kesarval springs : Goa Directory

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