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When To Plan A Holiday At Goa

Goa is the tiny and beautiful state located on the west of India. The state is a hot holiday making destination, loved all over the world. The mystical state is always crowded with Indian and international visitors.

Goa has the ideal temperature for vacationing all through the year. But still the ideal time to travel to Goa is during the months of October to March. This is because the monsoons have passed by the surroundings are lush green and water bodies saturated with plenty of water. The temperature around this point of time remains low and pleasant, thereby making the stay more eventful and adventurous.

The average temperatures in Goa range from 25o - 35o Celsius in summers though some days it can go up to 45o Celsius. The days are hot and the evenings and nights are pleasantly cool. During the monsoon season, the temperature ranges from 20o - 30o Celsius and annual rainfall varies from 2500mm to 3500mm. The temperature in winter is pleasant and ranges from 15o - 25o Celsius, making it the best season to explore the colorful and adventurous state.

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Ideal time to visit : Goa Directory

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