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Learn About The Traditional Local Handicrafts

Goa is the land of beaches, loving people and lots of talent. The tiny state of India has a rich tradition of handicrafts. You can easily spot artists in remote villages crafting beautiful traditional items.

The local crafts are in great demand since Goa is always busting with tourists and visitors. The unique feature of the Goan Handicrafts is that they show influences of Hindu, Muslim and Christian origins. The handicrafts in Goa are mostly made with the help of naturally available materials like clay, sea-shells, paper, bamboo and brass. Apart from these wood, lacquer, jute, fabric, stone and coconut shells are also used to create some truly exquisite works of art.

Let us check out some of the major Handicrafts of Goa -

  • Brass Work : Brass is molded into a variety of items like hanging oil lamps, statues, candle stands, ashtrays and the most popular the Samai lamps.
  • Wooden Work : Goans have mastered the art of making wooden lacquered items from many centuries. The wood turning technique is used to make attractive toys and decorative cum utility items like corner stands, cradles etc. Wood is also intricately carved to create marvelous items like photo frames, idols, mirror frames, book shelves and boxes.
  • Paper Work : The waste paper is used to create useful and pretty articles like jewelry boxes, wall hangings, pen stands and flower vases.
  • Bamboo Work : Bamboo is put to good use and items like flower pots, baskets, pen stands, and lightweight furniture and letter holders are made.
  • Shell Work : The innumerable beaches of Goa are a great treasure of various shells. These are collected and transformed into masterpieces like chandeliers, lampshades, curtains, coasters, mirror frames, ashtrays etc.
  • Other Crafts : Some of the other crafts in Goa include embroidery, crochet, jute macramé, fiber tone carving, batik prints, coconut carving (that is a figure from a coconut shell), silver and imitation jewelry, fabric collage, cotton dolls and soft toys, metal embossing, wooden tapestry and artistic weaving.

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Handicrafts : Goa Directory

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