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Goa is the beach paradise of India. Apart from the natural beauty, the state is also renowned for its local arts and crafts. Goa is the home to many superb craftsman and artists.

The intricately beautiful articles of the Goan craftsman are sold through various handicraft emporium and at stalls at all the major tourist spots. The Government Emporium set up at various towns of Goa are a best place to buy these. Local items like colorful masks, cotton bags, wooden toys and the excellent shopping bags and table mats woven from sisal or banana, coconut or pineapple fiber are exhibited here. The best items are perhaps the fabulous terracotta and brass items from Bicholim. Items made from exquisite sea shells ranging from chandeliers to mirrors to idols are also worth a buy.

The major art forms of Goa include bamboo craft, woodcarving, brass metals, seashell craft, Papier-Mache, and wooden lacquer ware. Other important crafts are Jute Macrame, Fabric Collage, Plaster of Paris, Crochet and embroidery, fiber and Batik prints, fiber stone carving, Coconut shell carving, metal embossing, silver and imitation jewelry, cotton dolls, soft toys, woolen tapestry, and artistic weaving. All these arts and crafts can be purchased at the Government Emporias.

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Government Emporia : Goa Directory

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