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Goa is one of the best holiday making destination in India. You can simply laze at the beaches or enjoy multiple activities at Goa. Go Karting is the latest addition in the activities that you can try out at the state.

Go Karting gives young and old the thrill of racing around in two or four stroke engine karts. You can relish the joy of driving with speed while moving your vehicle at sharp turns and collisions. The sport does not require any special training beforehand and hence can be enjoyed by people of all age groups.

The Go Karting vehicles are are powered by Honda engines. They reach a fairly good speed around the track. Go-karts are non-geared and thus even children can drive them easily. Each driver has to compulsorily wear a helmet for safety purpose.

Thus the next time you travel to Goa don't forget to indulge in Go Karting. Let your vehicle go vrooooooommmm as you enjoy the thrilling race.

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Go Karting : Goa Directory

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