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Goa is a tiny state located on the west coast of India. The place is a lovely cocktail of sun, sand and sea. Goa is not only about beaches, but is also dotted with many historical masterpieces. Here is a list of some important Forts of Goa.

  1. Aguda Fort :
    "Aguada" means water in Portuguese. This well preserved 17th century fort and its massive light house are located south of the Candolim beach. This fort has a freshwater spring within that was a major source of water for the European ships that stopped here, and hence the name. This fort was of great importance for the Portugal rulers and protected them from their Dutch and Marathas enemies.
  2. Cabo Palace :
    This is today the official residence of the Governor of Goa. This historic marvel was built in 1540 AD opposite Fort Aguada on the south headland of the river Mandovi. This Cabo Palace gives one the best view in Goa, with the Indian Ocean towards the west, the Bay of the river Mandovi and Fort Aguada on the north.
  3. Chapora Fort : This fort is also famous as "Shahpur" since it was built by the Adil Shah of Bijapur on the southern headland of the Chapora River. This tourist attrction lies very close to the Anjuna beach of Goa. Most of the fort that was built by the Portuguese in 1617 is ruined today. But yet the fort attracts many tourists especially couples who like to enjoy peace and privacy.
  4. Mormugao Fort : This fortress is situated close to the internationally famous Marmagoa Harbour. It was basically constructed to protect the harbour situated near the Vasco da Gama town. Today, except the chapel and a portion of the boundary wall nothing is intact in this fort.
  5. Teracol Fort :
    This key Portuguese fort lies to the north of the Teracol river, on the northernmost tip of Goa. The Teracol fort is suppose to be one f Goa's most atmospheric historic monument.
  6. Rachol Fort :
    The fort is located 7 km northeast of the town of Margao in Goa. This fort is suppose to be built by the Muslim Bahmani Dynasty that founded the city of Old Goa. It then went into the hands of the Portuguese who used it to spread Christianity.
  7. Cabo De Rama :
    Believed to the home of Lord Ram in the ancient times. It is also called as the 'Cape Rama Fort'.
  8. Fort Aguada :
    17th century Portuguese fortress and the oldest light house of Asia.
  9. Reis Magos Fort :
    One of the well preserved forts of the state.
  10. Terekhol Fort :
    17th century fort built by the Bhosale King ruling Sawantwadi.

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