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Goa is a tiny state in the country of India. The place is known for its silvery beaches, gushing sea waves and the historic churches. This place has admirers all over the world. it is a golden spot for the holiday makers.

Being close to the Arabian Sea the Goan climate is warm and humid throughout the year. Goa is home to rich tropical biodiversity. The beauty of the place is loved by tourists of other countries as well. About 1,424 square kilometers of the state is covered with forests. Bamboo canes, Chillar barks, Maratha barks, Bhirand, Coconut trees etc are the main forest products of the region. Fruit trees like jackfruits, mangos, pineapples and blackberries are found here.

Goa is the home to almost 48 types of mammals, 276 types of birds and 60 types of reptiles. Goa's state animal is the Gaur, the state bird is the Ruby Throated Yellow Bulbul, which is a variation of Black-crested Bulbul, and the state tree is the Asan.

Other animals like foxes, wild boars and migratory birds are found in the jungles of Goa. Crabs, lobsters, shrimps, jellyfish, oysters and catfish form important part of the water-life of the state. Goa also has a high snake population, which keeps the rodent population in control.

In order to boost the tourism in the state and make more and more people explore the rich flora and fauna of Goa, the government has set up 3 wildlife sanctuaries and 1 bird sanctuary in the state. All these facts prove that Goa is indeed one of the best masterpieces of Mother Nature.

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Flora And Fauna : Goa Directory

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