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Dream Come True For Die Hard Shoppers

The Flea Market of Goa is a major tourist attraction of the state. It is also known as the hippie market. This Flea market is held on the Wednesdays near the most popular beach of Goa, the Anjuna beach, and hence is also known as the Anjuna Flea Market.

The most popular market of Goa came into existence in 1970s. The hippies are to be credited for starting the market. In the early 80s, they used to gather at the same place in Anjuna to sell their stuff to earn money. The needy foreigners used to sell their electronic items or barter other stuffs to the locals, to fulfill their needs.

But today the Flea Market has emerged as the biggest and one of the major crowd pulling spot of Goa. You find just anything in the Anjuna Flea Market like Tibetan crafts, Nepalese and Kashmiri crafts including jewelry, stones, rock bottom priced clothes, Variety of bags, bakery items (cakes, strudel and breads) etc. You can also find some Tattooing stalls, hair cutting stalls, Mehendi stalls at the market.

So the next time you travel to Goa don't forget to go to the Flea Market on a Wednesday. I bet you will buy more then you actually need since the items sold here are great the the price is really low.

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Flea market : Goa Directory

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