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Goa is one of the best vacation destinations in India. You can enjoy many activities at the tiny state, and fishing or angling is one of them. Fishing involves a lot of fun and excitement. The activity is a perfect stress buster.

The beaches and other nearby water bodies make Goa an ideal place for fishing. The activity is enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike. The amount of happiness that one achieves after getting a big catch is indescribable in words. A big catch at the end of long hours of patience is enough to make your day and lift your mood. Angling or fishing can be enjoyed at various spots in Goa. You can try your hands at fishing at some beaches like Agonda or Vagator or a river like Mandovi. The equipments meant for fishing are easily available here. You can either purchase them or hire them for a day as per your wish.

The various types of fishing that you can undertake at Goa is as follows -

  • Beach Fishing : You can get engrossed in fishing at some of Goa's quieter and remote beaches. If you are good, you can surely manage to catch a rockfish, stingray and guitarfish.
  • River Fishing : Goa has a number of rivers like Mandovi, Zuari, Terekhol, Chapora, where you can indulge in fishing. Since these are low-lying areas the best fishing time would be at the top of the high tide or just before it. One often catches some Ladyfish, Catfish or Barramundi here.
  • Boat Fishing : You can pass time fishing by hiring a boat. You can either try out trolling or bottom fishing. In the less productive, Trolling, you can catch some Salmon and the local Barramundi at times. While in Bottom fishing which is done where the rocky outcrops line up, you can be prized by the Rockfish and the occasional Snapper.

No matter what form of fishing or angling you take up Goa is sure to entertain you. Do try to indulge in this activity the next time in Goa to make your trip more delightful and enjoyable.

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Fishing : Goa Directory

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