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Feni or Fenny is the 'country liquor' of the tiny state of Goa. This drink is unique to the place. The small town of Sattari is the 'Fenny capital' of the region. Feni is either made of coconut or the juice of the cashew apple.

The Goan drink can get a person drunk in no time. This is because the best quality feni contains 42% alcohol by volume. Hence it is mostly taken as a cocktail with mixers like Coca-Cola, tonic water and lemonade, but if you are ready for some action, it can also be enjoyed on its own on the rocks, or with a slice of lime.

The manufacturing process of traditional Cashew Feni is quite tedious and involves quite some amount of effort. First, the cashew apples are crushed manually in a rock atop a hill that is in the shape of a basin and juice is collected in earthen pots. These pots are buried deep inside the ground to allow fermentation, where 4% of the juice turns into alcohol. This juice is then collected and distilled in copper pots. The distillation process is repeated three times to obtain the best quality Feni.

The aroma of the Feni itself speaks for its quality and excellence. So the next time you are to Goa, don't forget to try some Feni. You are sure to love the intoxicating and addictive drink of Goa.

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Feni Drink : Goa Directory

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