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The Dances of Goa are not merely limited to the Jazz music and rave late night parties. In fact the state has many different traditional dance forms which reflect the cultural richness of Goa. Some very popular folk dances of Goa are Dhalo, Dekhni, Fugdi, Shigmo, Kunbi, Lamp Dance, Goff, Mussal, Romat etc. Lets take an insight of some of these marvelous Dance Forms of Goa.

  1. Shigmo Dance : This dance marks the celebrations of the spring and usually takes place in the month of March. It is symbolic of the regeneration of the natural resources for farmers and also the victorious return of warriors from the battlefield.
  2. Dhalo Dance : This form is very popular among the women of rural Goa. It is more like a play where young women join hands behind the each others waists and form semi - circles. Then they move in rhythm and have fun and frolic.
  3. Dekhni Dance : It is basically the folk dance of the Christians who converted from Hinduism at the Portugal rule. The dance is started by a pretty lady and is followed by other dancers. The music of this dance is a lovely combination of both western and Indian genre.
  4. Fugdi Dance : This popular dance is loved by the women and is performed in the praise of Lord Ganesha. It can be performed at anytime of the year, irrespective of any particular festival.
  5. Kunbi Dance : This dance was mainly performed by the earliest settlers of Goa known as the Kunbis. Women dressed in colorful attire dance very elegantly at a fast pace in this dance form.
  6. Lamp Dance : It is called so since brass lamps are used to perform this dance. The folk instruments like Ghumat, Samael, Cymbal and Harmonium are played and dancers dance to them by balancing heavy brass lamps on their heads.
  7. Goff Dance : It is mainly performed by the Goan farmers after the harvest, to show their delight and joy. In this dance form the dancers create interesting braid and other patterns while dancing. This dance has an affinity with Gujarati tribal dance forms.
  8. Mussal Dance : This dance is performed by the Kshatriyas of Chandor as a symbol of their victory. The dance is so called because it is danced with Mussals (pestles). This dance form is usually performed on the second day of the popular Goa carnival.
  9. Romat Dance : It is a thanks giving affair, which is performed in a dance-cum-procession style by the people of northern and central Goa.

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