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Goa is a hot holiday making destination in India. The state is popular for its vibrant, unique yet relaxed culture. It is a cocktail of Hindu, Christian and Portugal values.

Goa is dotted with a good number of places of religious importance. You can find temples, churches, mosques et all in the state. Goa houses some of the best and ancient churches, many of which still stand tall, unharmed by the cruelty of time.

The Goan population belongs to different religious backgrounds. Be it Catholics, Hindus or Muslims all Goans live in harmony with each other. They celebrate the festivals of each other and live life to the fullest. The most popular festivals celebrated in Goa are Christmas, Easter, Ganesh Chaturthi, Easter, Sanvsar Pavdo, Shigmo and the Goa Carnival. Goa is also known for its New Year's celebrations.

The Jazz music and dance are the nick names for Goa. Goan music involves the usage of violin, piano and mandolin at large. Mando and dulpod are its traditional musical forms. Some traditional dance forms are dekhnni, fugdi, and corridinho. Many famous Indian Classical singers hail from Goa, such as , Kishori Amonkar, Kesarbai Kerkar etc. The state is also well known for its rich art and crafts. It is famous worldwide for its attractive water and flower pots, different types of sculptures and figures and panels, metal works, wooden carvings, bamboo crafts and different kinds of embroidery.

The Goan cuisine is renowned for its rich variety of seafood dishes cooked with elaborate recipes. Rice with fish curry (Xit kodi in Konkani) is the staple diet in Goa. Coconut and coconut oil, chilies, kokum, tamarind, spices all give the dishes their peculiar taste and color. The Feni is a very famous alcoholic beverage of Goa. The happening night life is also an integral part of the Goan culture. The place never sleeps and the air becomes more charged especially at the night. The sound of music and the numerous lights on the various shacks of beaches of Goa simply sweep you off your feet.

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Culture : Goa Directory

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