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Goa is the beach paradise of India. It is one of the favorite spot for holiday makers from all over the globe. Just like the place, the Cuisine of Goa is also very popular. The Goan dishes are spicy and lip-smacking.

Being located on the west coast of the Arabian sea, the food of Goa is mainly non-veg and similar to the Malvani cuisine/ Konkani cuisine. The cuisine is influenced by the Portuguese and Hindu and Muslim. Seafood, coconut milk, rice and spices are main ingredients of Goan delicacies. Use of Kokum, tamarind, red chilies is another distinct feature.

Seafoods such as the Kingfish (Vison or Visvan), pamphlet, shark, tuna and mackerel, crabs, prawns, tiger prawns, lobster, squid and mussels are extensively used in the Goan cuisine. The dishes made out of them is oily, spicy and finger licking.

On the contrary, the Goan Hindu cuisine is less spicy. Some dishes even do not use the onion and garlic. Vegetables, lentils, pumpkins, gourds, bamboo shoots, roots etc are cooked in the coconut oil to prepare the veg dishes.

The most famous Veg delicacies of Goa are Cashew nut laddus, Nevryo, Khaje, Revdyo, Puran Poli, Sakhar Bhat, Mangane, Payasa, Dali kapa etc. However the other Goan plates that have gained popularity all over the world are - Ambot-Tik, Prawn Balchao, Fish Recheado, Sorpotel, Chicken Cafreal, Chouricos, Bebinca.

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Cuisine : Goa Directory

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