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More Famous As The Church Of The Three Magi Kings

Church of Reis Magos is one of the famous tourist attractions of Goa. This popular landmark is situated on the banks of the river Mandovi in the village called Reis Magos. It is also known by the name of "Church of the Three Magi Kings".

Church of Reis Magos was built in the village of the same name by Franciscan Friars in AD 1555. The church is dedicated to St. Jerome. This white colored beauty is visible from across the Mandovi river. The church is well known all over for its annual feast that is held on 6th of January and is dedicated to the Three Wise Men.

In the known feast the local youths of the village participate enthusiastically and enact the roles of the Three Kings of Magi. These carry some pretty gifts for the baby Jesus. A procession to mark the journey of the three kings begins from the church and goes around the village spreading cheer and happiness.

Apart from the splendid church, the village is also famous for the Reis Margos fort.

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Church of Reis Magos : Goa Directory

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