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Ancient Fortress, The Shahpura Of Yesteryears

Chapora fort is an old fortress, a worth visiting spot of the beach paradise Goa . The historic place lies about 10km from Mapusa, near to Anjuna beach in Goa. It was also known as "Shahpura" in the ancient times. The fort has fallen victim to the time and today most of it is ruined.

The giant Chapora fort is constructed of red colored laterite stones. It was built by the ruler of Bijapur, Adil Shah. Hence the fortress was named as "Shapura" meaning the town of Shah in the olden days. It was destroyed after the rule of Adil Shah and again revived back by the Portuguese in 1617.

During the Portugal times, the Chapora fort was a grand and tough fort, with many hidden tunnels beneath for quick escapes. However after the Portuguese left, the fort was abandoned and never occupied again.

The Chapora fort gives a spectacular view of the Vagator and the Anjuna beach. In fact the beauty of the fort has been trapped in camera and many famous films have been shot over here. The Aamir Khan starred Dil Chata Hai is just one of these. So don't miss the Chapora fort on your Goa trip.

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Chapora fort : Goa Directory

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