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Chapel of St Catherine is another famous tourist attraction of Old Goa, located east of the Archaeological Museum. This 16th century historic marvel has been built over one of the cathedrals of Goa.

Chapel of St Catherine has an interesting history attached to it. In 1510 Alphonso Albuquerque, built it as a mark of his victory over Goa. It was named so since it was constructed by him on the St Catherine's day. The church is an excellent example of Renaissance architectural style.

This church is built with limestone and laterite and the main entrance has two towers on the either side. The inside of the Chapel of St Catherine is ornamented with different art works. It also showcases paintings, which tell you the story of St Catherine of Alexandria.

Among the other churches in Goa, the Chapel of St Catherine has its own distinct style and grace. It is a must see historic wonder of the beach beauty Goa.

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Chapel of St Catherine : Goa Directory

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