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The tourists are amazed to know that there is more to Goa other than the sun, sand and sea. The recent archeological excavations have revealed the existence of various Caves in Goa. These Caves are an evidence of the popularity of Goa right from the historic days.

There are about 25 man-made Caves discovered so far in Goa. These are spread over 9 talukas (districts) of the state. Besides these there are also many natural Caves in and around the state. These were mainly built for religious use.

  • Verna Caves : These are the biggest natural caves in the region. These can occupy about 1200 persons at a time.
  • Rivona Caves : These natural caves lie in the Village of Rivona in South Goa at about 5 km northeast of Ponda. The caves are suppose to be dug by the Buddhist monks in the 6th or 7th century. One can see a "Pitha" here, which is carved out of laterite and is believed to have served as the seat of the teacher.
  • Arvalem Caves : These rock cut caves are also known as the Pandava caves. They were the home of the Pandavas, heroes of the epic Mahabharata, for some time during their exile. Like other Buddhist caves, these Goan caves are carved marvelously into laterite stone. It has the sanctuary in the northern end and the vihara in the southern end.
  • Lamgau Caves : These man - made caves are famous tourist spot which cannot be missed out when on a trip to Goa. They can be approached by a tough trek from the Lamgau Village itself or by driving through Bicholim on the road towards Mapusa. The Lamgua caves are dedicated to Lord Shiva. There is a stone Linga installed with a Tulsi Vrindavan and a small Nandi Bull image in the simple courtyard.
  • Some other popular Caves of Goa are : Warkhand Narve Sanguem Mallanguini Shigaon Curdi Aquem Usgao

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Caves : Goa Directory

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