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Ideal Beach For Lazy Bones

Candolim Beach is located to the south of Calangute and close to the capital of Goa. It is a beach for people who like to be all alone with themselves.

Candolim Beach is a 7km long stretch of golden sand starting from Aguada and ending at Chapora beach. When exploring the beach you can try your hands at activities like fishing, some water skiing or merely get tanned for free and relax.

Historically, Candolim is the birthplace of the Father of Hypnotism, Abbe Faria. It is the place where the first revolt against the Portuguese was initiated. The beach is a perfect place to hide oneself from the crowds and hustle bustle.

Candolim Beach has a wide range of accommodation. Some hotels offer yoga and meditation session to make you calm and help you seek the God within. The foodies can taste the various Goan dishes at the many shacks dotting the beach.

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Candolim Beach : Goa Directory

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