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Home Of Lord Ram In The Ancient Days

Cabo De Rama is a famous fort located in the Canacona district of Goa. It is also known as Cape Rama Fort. Today most of the fort is in ruins except a chapel located inside the fort which is still in use.

Cabo De Rama got its name from Lord Ram the hero of the epic Ramayan. It is believed that Lord Ram, his wife Sita and brother Laxman lived here for quite some time during their 14 years of exile. Hence the fort stands tall since the pre-Portuguese times in Goa.

Cabo De Rama fort has witnessed some great battles between the Hindu, Muslim and Portugal Rulers for gaining the control over it. Ultimately the fortress went in the hands of the Portuguese in the year 1763. Later, when the Portuguese left the place was used as a Government Jail till 1955. But today it is abandoned and some parts are ruined.

Through the Cabo De Rama is in ruins tourists make it a point to come here to have a stunning view of the sea from the western side of the fort. The fortress is a great place for loners and couples seeking privacy and peace.

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Cabo De Rama : Goa Directory

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