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Famous For Its Dolphin Play

Towards the extreme northern end of the Palolem Beach lies the natural treasure, the Butterfly Beach in south Goa. The beach is actually a part of an attractive island. The distance of the beach is not more than 200 m from the mainland. A quick boat ride is a great way to reach the island.

Butterfly Beach is a rather small and less commercial beach of Goa. The main attraction of the beach is its famous Dolphin Play and the mesmerizing sunset. The sea urchins, sea cucumbers, footprints of crabs and goldfishes are equally eye catching. The Canoe ride along the tiny water streams on the island provide a thrilling ride.

Other than these, the tourists are also eager to come here for its wonderful shopping. You can purchase Gift articles of bamboo work, crochet work and shell work as memory of your trip.

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Butterfly Beach : Goa Directory

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