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Info On Diverse Flora And Fauna

Goa has a lovely treasure of flora and fauna. The tiny state has more than just the beautiful sandy beaches and famous churches. A number of forests and dense woodlands fringe Goa. These provide a perfect habitat to many species of animals and birds, who love the state as much as we do.

One third of the landscape of Goa is covered with forests and thick vegetation. These woodlands are home to 48 species of animals, 275 species of birds and around 60 reptile species. In order to protect the rich flora and fauna three wildlife reserves and one bird sanctuary has been set up in Goa. Let us see the important info on all these in brief.

  1. Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary : It is the largest wildlife sanctuary in Goa and cover an area of 240-sq-kms. It is located to the north of Panaji on the way to Belgaum. The sanctuary is particularly known for its Leopards, Elephants, Deer & Gaur Or Indian Bison. The Devil's Canyon within the reserve is the ideal place to capture some panoramic views of the surroundings and see various animals playing freely.
  2. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary : Situated 55-km from Panajim and 38-km from Margoa, the Bondla sanctuary is the smallest wildlife reserve of the state. It is a major tourist attraction and includes a Botanical Garden, fenced Deer Park and Zoo, which is better than most, with reasonably spacious enclosures. The place is a favorite amongst the children and great for one day picnics.
  3. Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary : 10-km southeast of Chaudi, lies the Cotigao sanctuary, second largest wildlife park of Goa, which is spread in an area of 86-sq-kms. Talpona River flows through the forests and is a permanent water source for animals like Gazelles, Sloth Bears, Monkeys, deer, Porcupines, Panthers and Hyenas living in the park. The bird species that thrive at the sanctuary include the Rufus woodpeckers, the Malabar crested eagle and the white-eyed eagles.
  4. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary : On the western tip to the island of Chorao along River Mandovi lies the one and only bird sanctuary of Goa. Open throughout the year, the sanctuary can be visited with the permission of the Chief Wild Life Warden. Apart from a rich variety of coastal birds, one may spot flying foxes, jackals and crocodiles here. But primly the Salim Ali Bird sanctuary is the home to birds - both local and migratory. Pintails, egrets, kingfishers and coots are some of the commonly seen species of birds.

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Wildlife : Goa Directory

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