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Ideal Way To Explore Goa's Natural Treasures

Goa is a mixed bag of clear seas, sensuous silvery sands, charming churches, and terrific temples. This small state on the Western Ghats has its share of fantastic flora and fauna. The Wilderness Camps in Goa are the best way to explore the natural treasures of Goa and spend some time in the lap of Mother Nature.

Most Wilderness Camps in Goa are situated in different settings like in the dense forests, above the forested valleys and some times in the Wildlife sanctuaries itself. While admiring the versatile flora and fauna you also enjoy a Tarzan or Mowgli like stay in the jungle. You can stay right in the center of lush greenery in completely eco friendly resorts made in the hut or cottage style architecture which perfectly goes with the surrounding ambiance.

Wilderness Camps in Goa are studded with all the modern facilities which the modern day tourist use. These are adorned with several civic facilities like attached bathrooms, air-conditioning, satellite television, wardrobes, mini bars, round the clock room service, international telephone facilities, ceiling fans and many more. In addition, various Ayurvedic and yoga treatments are extended to guests for a blissful experience. These camps are very safe and the security is tight ensuring total safety in the core of nature.

The food at these Goa Wilderness camps too is very exciting giving the guests the experience of enjoying the best of bonfires and the dishes from all across the globe. The meals also include fresh sea food, wine and tribal liquors for the pleasure of the guests.

The most popular Wilderness Camps In Goa are : Bhakti Kutir Goa, Kali Wilderness Camp Goa, Montego Bay Beach Village Goa, Wildernest Goa.

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Wilderness Camps : Goa Directory

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