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Dressing Tips For A Goan Tourist

Goa is a hot beach paradise of India, flocked by tourists all round the year. Before visiting Goa it would be better if you check out the info here to learn more on What To Wear In Goa.

  • Wear lightweight clothes in natural fibers; linen, silk and cotton since Goa can be humid or hot at times.
  • Sun hats, sunglasses and sun cream are an absolute must.
  • The ideal beachwear is a sarong and of course your bikini, but see to it that it is not too revealing.
  • Please keep swim wear to the beach and pool, and cover up with a Kaftan or sarong when walking around public areas.
  • Nudity is not acceptable anywhere in Goa or India, it is a punishable offense.
  • If you plan to visit in the winter, pack some long sleeved tops and a shawl for the evenings.
  • While visiting places of worship women must wear long skirts or trousers and have covered shoulders.
  • It is advisable to carry a light stole or scarf with you to cover your head, in case it gets too hot.

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What to wear : Goa Directory

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