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Historic Arch Built By Vasco da Gama's Grandson

You trip to the beach paradise Goa is incomplete if you do not see the impressive Viceroy's Arch. This historic possession of Goa was built by Vasco De Gama’s grandson Francisco De Gama in 1597 and carries the deer crest of his family. The original arch collapsed in 1948 and it was restored in 1954.

Viceroy's Arch is built of laterite stone with the side facing the Mandovi river constructed of green granite. On top of the arch on the side facing the Mandovi river is a small statue of Vasco da Gama, fully attired in his royal uniform. Inside the archway is an inscription to Vasco da Gama and also to King Dom Joao iv, the first Portuguese king after it was liberated from Spain in 1640.On the back of the archway is a statue of a crowned woman standing on a "native", symbolizing the "Christian victory over paganism".

Tradition has it that on taking office, all viceroys made the procession under the Viceroy's Arch where they would be given the ceremonial key to the city and Goa. The road under the arch known as the Rua Direita leads to the main square where most of the monuments exist today.

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Viceroy's Arch : Goa Directory

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