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Second Largest Town Of The State

Margao is Goa's second largest town and a bustling commercial centre. It is also at times known as Madgaon. It is the capital of the southern taluka of Salcette which is the state’s richest and most fertile district.

It is believed that the town Margao has got its name from the Portuguese word "Mathgram" indicating a Hindu religious centre that used to exist there. The location of the town makes it an important service and transport hub to the areas of south Goa. Margao is blessed with good fertile land, houses great Portuguese churches, and has some magnificent specimens of old Portuguese houses.

The main tourist attraction in Margao are its markets. These covered and busy markets are one of the largest and most raucous in Goa. They stretch from the south edge of the main square to within a stone's throw of the old railway station. The fish market at the complex near the main entrance of the city is a spectacular sight.

The richly decorated Church of the Holy Spirit at Margao is a major tourist spot of Goa. The church is one of the finest examples of late-Baroque style of architecture. Just close to the splendid church is the famous "House of Seven Gables" or "Sat Burzam Ghor" which is a mansion built by Sebastino da Silva, emissary and private secretary of the Portuguese Viceroy in the year 1790.

The famous Colva beach is just 6 km away from Margao, so most travelers coming to this area of Goa, tend to spend their time in the beach area, rather than enjoy the charms of Margao town itself.

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Margao (Madgaon) : Goa Directory

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