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Banana And Ringo Rides : Goa Directory


Very Popular Form Of Water Sports

Banana & Ringo Rides are the most popular water sports to be enjoyed at Goa. These funny named rides are attracting many tourists from all over the globe to Goa.

The Banana Rides is to be enjoyed by the entire family. Here the family rides a giant sized inflated banana and tries to maintain its balance while sailing on the gushing waves. A single mistake by anyone, and all the members tumble into the water. A must take ride which binds the family tightly together.

The Ringo Rides on the other hand are an individual affair. An individual is left sailing on the inflated ring. The twists, twirls and bottoms up are the features of the ride that make you say once more.

No matter how many places you have explored before but the Banana & Ringo Rides of Goa are one of its kind.

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Banana And Ringo Rides : Goa Directory

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