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Know about our roots and background

About Goa Directory Background

Goa directory is professionally managed online directory of Goa City .It offers simplified information about everything related to Goa - manufacturers, exporters / importers, dealers & suppliers , various service providers and much more in different categories.

At Goa Directory our main goal is to offer a better directory services. We use latest technologies - Web 2, follow social networking, search engine optimization (SEO) etc. to be compatible with the ever-changing Internet world. We are all passionate about just one thing - Making Goa Search simple.

Fast Facts

  • Promoter is from Goa
  • Part of OBizTek Group
  • In Business Since: 2000
  • Status: Privately held

Relationship Matters

Goa Directory can help you to build your online reputation and brand using our professional network . Association with us gives you many advantages for your business and personal purpose for the long term.

What we offer ?

  • Yellow Pages
  • Business Directory
  • Directory Services
  • Market Places
  • Web Solutions
  • Consulting Services
  • Business Promotions for import / exports
  • Outsourcing and much more..

Why we are different ?

  • Simple and User-friendly : We have made whole the things simple for everyone. We work continuously to make it more simple & better
  • No Login No Password : Anywhere in our system there is no login / membership system .You do not have to remember any id /password to use the website .Simple email is more than enough
  • Better Support :  We have fast & responsive support system for superb execution & customer satisfaction.
  • Business Solutions Focused : We are focused on the target / requirement of the client to remain effective.
  • Economical : All of our products & services are very reasonably prices to offer its value and it justification.
  • Innovation : We continuously innovate for betterment .You bring any challenges to us we will innovate.
  • Competent : We have technical expertise and long years of practical experience to give high quality service

Mission Statement

To make a better & useful online directory services for Goa .We will encounter every problem on the way to make it happen !

Goa Directory.org is a part of OBizTek Group.Since year 2000 we have earned good trust and confidence among our customers all over world.

feedback-Goa-directoryPlease feel free to write us for giving your any valuable suggestion / feedback / comments etc.